SCA Arena

As a future venue for the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship, the new home of SCA and a multifunctional sports and leisure complex, SCA Arena will become the largest stadium in the world with a capacity of 21.5 thousand people.

The construction of a new multifunctional sports and leisure complex The SKA Arena began in April 2021.

The customers of the project are the government of St. Petersburg and SKA Arena LLC.

The general designer of the project is GORKA Group of Companies.

The ice technology and infrastructure of the new arena will allow ice hockey competitions surpassing all world standards, organizing the training process and comprehensive training of athletes, including those with disabilities.

The stadium also has the possibility of holding competitions outside of ice sports: volleyball, basketball, handball, MMA, boxing, sports dancing or ballroom dancing, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, weightlifting and tennis.

Next to the arena on 12 hectares will be created landscaped sports park.

Main technical parameters of the object
  • The building of the ice arena will be seven-storey, 50,5 m high.
  • The total area of the complex is 189.5 thousand m².
  • The volume of concrete in the building structure is 170 000 m³.
  • The area of glazing of the facade is 22 500 m².
  • Weight of the metal constructions of the architectural facade is
    9 000 tons.
  • The weight of the metal structures of the central dome is 3700 tons.
  • The maximum span of the supporting metal structures of the dome is 113.5 m.
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